New wellness and beauty facilities

Haus Tiefenbach wants to absolutely spoil and indulge you! Relax and unwind completely in our new spa. Our beautiful wellness facilities include several saunas, a Turkish bath, infrared cabins, a pool, terraces, relaxation areas and treatment rooms for massages and beauty treatments.

Inquire in advance about our offerings and prices for beauty treatments and massages.

Reservations on demand.

Crystal Sauna (90°)

In this sauna characterised by dry heat of around 95 degrees, a crystal (similar to amethyst) above the oven removes negative energy and purifies your body and mind.

Bio Sauna (60°)

In addition to the traditional Finnish sauna, you can also opt for the bio sauna. In the bio sauna, the ordinary sauna heater is replaced by a combination heater equipped with a water reservoir. The rise in temperature evaporates the water in the tank, thus increasing the humidity in the sauna.

Turkish Bath (40°)

A steam bath is always refreshing and relaxing. The influence of the steam and heat on the skin opens the pores, allowing any dirt and debris to be discharged and thereby cleansing the skin. In addition, the steam can have a refreshing effect on the airways.

Infrared Cabin

Infrared is the healthy warmth of the sun. It is invisible light that you perceive as heat. Just think of the blessed warmth of the sun in winter.

Relax Room

Unwind in our wonderful relaxation room or just take a nap.

Balinesische Massage

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