Haus Tiefenbach

A place where peace and quiet, and warmth and hospitality are still the everyday norm. Set amid the beautiful, unspoilt natural surroundings of the Hohes Venn Eifel region lies the charming little village of Büllingen, which is situated at an altitude of 562 metres. Sparkling clean air, rolling green vistas and winters that are like something out of a fairytale book are typical of the mountain hotel Haus Tiefenbach.

This welcoming establishment is located on the lake in the Tiefenbach valley and promise you a fantastic time whether you are taking a short break or a long holiday. Our hotel also has a variety of rooms for holding seminars.

It all began back in 1965, when Helmut Lux, the father-in-law of the present owner, and a few of his friends discovered their passion for catching trout. They clubbed together to build a small hut for storing their fishing gear, drinks and a few other things. It didn’t take long before locals and tourists started coming, also greatly enjoying this sort of leisure activity. The hut soon became a tavern, called “Zur Goldenen Forelle”.

In 1975 the present building was erected. The new Hotel Restaurant “Haus Tiefenbach“ in its idyllic surroundings became a magnet for more and more holiday-makers, and, in 1988, an extension was built.

We now have a hotel offering all amenities, together with a gourmet restaurant. And you are still able to go fishing for trout in the lake. It’s just a superb place for a lovely, relaxing holiday.